CNTRL is all about engaging new and old, past and present North American fans of "EDM" (electronic dance music) and showing them the roots of the music, the history of a global movement and demonstrating what the future of music technology and performance has the power to become.

Since launching October 29 in Buffalo, the CNTRL: Beyond EDM tour has embarked on a cultural engagement, bringing together fans of electronic dance music and those interested in it into deeper forms of the genre by educational daytime lectures on music technology. Lectures focus on the techno and technology aspects of modern-day electronic music, presenting the more futuristic and underground side of the genre, as championed by Richie Hawtin and Loco Dice and their peers for the last two decades.

Central to the CNTRL concept are daytime seminars in the colleges to inform and inspire people about technology, music production, live performance, and the business of electronic music. CNTRL will be a future thinking session, but will also ensure the students leave with a deeper understanding of how the genre developed to where it is today. The event then ends with a club gig in the evening, giving the students a chance to experience the artists in action.

These educational portions of the tour are presented by world-renowned electronic music production and DJ school, Dubspot.

Full Schedule, Fall 2012:

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"CNTRL is about letting people know that not everyone fits under the 'EDM' umbrella;
not creatively or even personally."
- Loco Dice, 11.8.12
Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Electronic music is innately tied to the technology used to create it -
as the tools evolve, so will the art."
- Richie Hawtin, 10.29.12
University of Buffalo in Buffalo, NY